Mountains of Etsy

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This post is going to be about mountains. As many of you have already noticed, 95% of my work is mountain inspired, so I thought to see what other makers-doers do on this topic, and put 'mountains' in Etsy search. I found lots of beautiful items, including jewellery, art prints, accessories, clothing and much more. I went on creating a treasury list. It was much harder as I thought: some items were fantastic, but photos took them down, so I was not able to include them in my treasury :( Who thought it will be hard to pick 16 picks from hundreds???!! But finally I did it and finalised selection last night. These are some of my favourites, but there are many more :) I have included my 4 top pics in this post, but you can see all Etsy treasury here!

1. In The Mountains stone art by Natasha Newton

2.Mountain Blossom scarf by The Link Collective

3.Snowy Mountain pendant by Angela Wright Designs 

4.K2 Mountain Art illustration by Chris Hagan

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